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Terms & Conditions



Customers agree and fully understand that, upon BV Communications acceptance, BV Communications will provide services to the Customer, and the Customers agree as follows:


1.     All term agreements automatically renew at the expiry of the initial period on a similar term as the initial agreement, unless BV Communications is notified in writing 30 days prior to the termination of the Agreement. The initial service period for each service will begin on the date when that service becomes operational. 


2.     The Customer agrees to pay for the services provided by BV Communications as indicated on the front page of the monthly invoices when due and payable. The Customer agrees that BV Communications may from time to time modify the price of the services so long as BV Communications notifies the Customer in writing a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the change. BV Communications releases the client of its term commitment if the client cancels the services in writing within the initial 30 day period of being notified of the change in pricing.


3.    Customers have a 24-hour grace period to cancel contracts after signing with no penalty. In the event a client cancels a contract after the initial 24-hour period and prior to installation or activation of the services the client agrees that it is responsible for all charges in relation to the installation of the services including construction charges, technical survey charges and administration charges.


4.     The Customer shall pay for all calls originating from, charged to or accepted at the telephone number(s) indicated on the front page of the agreement, regardless of who made or charged or accepted such calls. The Customer agrees to use, and to make sure others use this service in accordance with this Agreement.


5.     The Customer agrees to pay for the services provided by BV Communications no later than 30 days after billing. The Customer will pay late payment charges of 2% per month (24% per year) on any unpaid overdue balance owing to BV Communications. The Customer agrees to pay for any collection charges. An administration charge will be applied to the Customer account on any Returned cheques.


6.     BV Communications reserves the right to terminate the Customer's service immediately without any notice, if the Customer does not pay amounts owed to BV Communications, if the Customer misuses or abuses the services provided by BV Communications, or if BV Communications must preserve the integrity of the network or comply with laws and other tariffs. BV Communications complies with a fair use policy and may terminate any services rendered to the client at anytime due to abuse.


7.     The Customer may terminate services at any time during the term, without further obligation to BV Communications, provided that the Customer pays upon notice of termination to BV Communications the monthly commitment stated on the Customer Service Agreement multiplied by the number of months remaining in the Agreement.


8.     The Customer fully understands that BV Communications cannot guarantee installation dates for any services rendered.

BV Communications cannot guarantee uninterrupted working of services or other telecommunications equipment used, rented, or sold to the Customer in connection with providing the Customer with telephone or internet services. BV Communications is not in any way liable to the Customer or third parties, either directly or consequently as a result of such failure.


9.     BV Communications will bill the Customer one month in advance for telephone line, SIP trunk/channel, ISDN PRI, High-Speed Internet and Hosted VoIP services. A monthly Network fee applies to all customers, as well as a toll-free access charge for each active toll-free number.


10.     If the Customer misuses or otherwise improperly uses the services provided by BV Communications, the Customer agrees to reimburse BV Communications for any loss or damage that they may suffer.


11.     The Customer understands that until approval of credit, BV Communications may ask the Customer to provide

BV Communications with a security deposit on an amount agreed to between the parties. Any customer purchased

equipment provided by BV Communications remains the property of BV Communications, until paid in full by customer. BV Communications reserves the right to retrieve any equipment that is not paid for in full.


12.     The Customer cannot transfer or assign their Agreement and the services provided them to any other person or company unless BV Communications agrees in writing prior to the transfer.


13.     The Customer understands this is the entire Agreement between the parties, and that BV Communications has not made any other representations or guarantees regarding the service to be provided to the Customer.


14.     The Customer confirms that it is our wish that this Agreement and all other related documents, be drawn up in English only. Les parties aux présentes confirment leur volonté que la présente convention, de même que tous les documents s'y rattachant, y compris tout avis, soient rédigés en anglais seulement. La version française de la présente convention est disponible sur demande.


15.     The Customer accepts this Agreement as notice in writing of and consent to the receipt and exchange of credit information by BV Communications from time to time, including the exchange of credit information with any credit reporting agency, credit bureau or any person or entity with whom the Customer has or proposes to have financial relations.


16.     BV Communications reserves the right to request a customer provide a separate/dedicated private internet access, specific network equipment and recommended internal network changes in order for BV Communications’ telephone services to perform at optimal levels.

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