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Legacy Voice

Providing legacy voice alternatives for our clients.


Empower your business phone system with the speed, power, and flexibility of BV Communications ISDN PRI service. As your business grows it requires that your telecommunication infrastructure support current and future needs.

Unmatched reliability and up-time, CRM integration, rapid call set-up and disconnect, routing and overflow options, DID numbers and a 4 hr MTTR SLA are just some of the features that will allow your business to succeed.

Let BV Communications experienced team take care of the rest.

  • Digital Access Trunk with 23 voice channels (B-Channels), and 1 signaling channel (D-Channel)

  • ISDN Signaling Port

  • Two-way connection to the PSTN for each voice channel

  • Access to services (411, 611, 711, 911)

  • Caller name and number identification

  • Up to 5 different call routing options (by number or call type)

  • Up to 5 basic overflow routing options

  • 4 hour MTTR SLA

  • Unlimited number of DIDs (extra charges may apply)

  • Emergency Failover (extra charges may apply)

Priced from 359$/mth.*

*Based on 3 year contract and subject to availability



BV Communications offers industry leading rates for all your Canadian, American and International long-distance calls.

Our rates are applicable to your business telephone lines, home telephone lines, and ISDN PRI connections.

We provide Tier 1 class of service to our customers to guarantee optimal quality of service.


Have your customers and prospects reach your contact centers at no cost to them from anywhere by dialing one number. How your customers perceive your communications efficiency helps shape their decisions about doing business with you. Making it easy for them to reach you, interact with you and receive service from you are the foundations of a successful relationship. BV Communications Advanced Toll-Free Routing Features, Announcements, Business Continuity and Detailed Call Reporting help you to manage your operations more effectively.

BV Communications’ Toll-Free Service also allows you to create the impression of local presence in more than 90 countries worldwide. Regardless of location, customers can call your Toll-Free number and be instantly and seamlessly connected to your Contact Centre.

Improved Customer service

Extend your reach and let your clients to reach you at no cost to them.

Improved Customer service

One unique number for all your clients makes reaching you easy.

Improved Staff Management Sales

Detailed call reports mean you know when the calls come in and
staff accordingly.

Travelling employees can call head office and bypass high mobile roaming rates.

Lowered costs


  • Industry leading rates – low per minute rates and only $4.95/month per number.

  • One low flat rate per minute, any time of the day for calls within Canada or to the US.

  • Flexible routing options to suit your business operations.

  • Exchange or area code routing.

  • Call distribution/call allocation routing.

  • Area code blocking.

  • Time-of-day/day-of-week routing.

  • Detailed Billing

  • International toll-free service offers coverage in over 90 countries.

Parallel Lines


Take advantage of BV Communications’ purchasing power to realize savings of up to 80% on your business phone lines. Your business will benefit from our network partners’ reliability and BV Communications’ personalized service all at significant savings.

Monthly Term

$79.99 / mth

1 Year Term

$44.99 / mth

3 Year Term

$34.99 / mth

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