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Business High-Speed Internet Provider in Montreal

Equipped to provide your company with the right internet access.


BV Communications is your partner of choice for dedicated and secure fibre-optic connectivity for your business. We offer scalable and secure Ethernet connectivity with up to 10 Gbps plus dedicated Internet. Single location or offices in Montreal, Toronto or anywhere else in Canada, you can trust BV Communications to deliver the right connection for your needs.



We can help you economically and easily add services and capacity as your business grows.


We offer 24/7 support on robust and reliable networks.


Our fibre network partners make a significant investment in expanding and enhancing their fibre-optic networks to ensure optimal performance, taking advantage of any innovations in technology allowing superior speed and performance.

Proven and Reliable

Hundreds of large organizations such as international corporations, governments, hospitals and universities already rely on Optical Fiber Services to facilitate their operations.

Unmatched Customer Service

BV Communications is passionate about customer service, and as a result, you’ll work with committed account managers and customer service personnel who enjoy supporting our customers.

Connections come with Unlimited Monthly Usage and Multiple Fixed IP Addresses.


BV Communications offers business-class, multi-location ADSL and FTTN connectivity across Canada.

This is the connection of choice for many businesses because it provides fast, reliable internet connections at an affordable price.


This makes DSL and FTTN an ideal choice for managing day-to-day business applications.

FTTN Internet service for as low as $49.99


BV Communications Cable Internet service offers the best value for a combination of speed and reliability across Quebec.


The coaxial cable infrastructure is fairly new compared to the copper network used to
deliver DSL and Fiber-Node internet. This means the quoted speeds are more likely to be attained and network congestion is less likely

Cable Internet service for businesses for as low as  $49.99

Electrical Inspectors
Wireless Access Point Installation


BV Communications’ Wireless Broadband Fibre solutions are the alternative when considering fiber connectivity and you are required to deploy rapidly, are in areas where fiber is not available or require a back-up internet connection. Physical security, simple setup and connection, rock-solid reliability, and scalable performance options.


BV Communications’ Wireless Broadband Fibre solutions create secure
affordable communications that can be deployed quickly to connect your networks.

Wireless Internet service for businesses for as low as $129.99

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