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3CX is a complete, enterprise-level business phone system that can provide outbound calls in addition to inbound routing. These systems are ideal for companies with offices in various locations geographically. A 3CX PBX provides a complete solution that mimics a physical PBX but at a far lower cost. Companies are able to take advantage of SIP trunking and calling that is cheaper than what they would pay with a traditional phone company.

Get 3CX’s award winning phone system as an on-premise PBX or Hosted PBX and slash travel and telecommunications costs by up to 80%.

Slash Telco and Travel Costs by 80%

3CX PBX includes apps for smartphones and Web or Windows Client which allow users to take their extensions with them wherever they go, free of charge! Connect branch offices and leverage low call rates with VoIP technology and SIP Trunks. Additionally, with the integrated web conferencing, which leverages WebRTC, users can attend face-to-face meetings with clients and colleagues from anywhere!

  • Use SIP Trunks for low cost call rates

  • Increase productivity with Unified Communications

  • Increase mobility, reachable on one number

  • Collaborate anywhere with face-to-face web meetings


Your PBX - On-Premise or in Your Cloud

With the PBX Express Tool, you can have your own hosted PBX in a Hosting Provider of your choice. Keep the flexibility of buying 3CX outright and moving it on-premise, while retaining settings and data under YOUR control. No lock-in, free choice of SIP trunks and your data and settings are yours from the beginning!

  • Own dedicated PBX – unaffected by other tenants

  • Scalable – move to on-premise as business grows

  • Retain control of your data and settings

  • Wide choice of SIP trunk / hosting providers

Enterprise Features, Unified Communications

Often a hosted PBX will limit the feature set available to you, or remove the flexibility to easily configure it. Not so with 3CX. Using the easy web-based management interface you have full access to enterprise PBX and Unified Communications features:

  • IVR / Auto Attendant – fully customizable

  • Call Queues / Contact Center features built in

  • Essential office tools including: Intercom, Status, Fax and Voicemail

  • Integrated text messaging / Chat

  • Video / Web conferencing included