BV Communications’ SIP trunking VoIP services and VoIP solutions deliver superior call quality and the ability to incorporate state of the art Internet and SIP telephony into a large variety of enterprise telecommunications systems.

SIP Trunking is an excellent vehicle for businesses to migrate to digital voice services, realize savings, yet protect their investment in their current phone system. It utilizes the latest in telecoms innovation to deliver voice services and digital lines to your IP-PBX or with your existing PBX or key systems. Our integration engineers will install a gateway at your locations which will give you access to a private and secure network thus providing high quality VoIP lines.

Some of the key features made available via BV Communications’ SIP trunking VoIP solutions include:

Outbound Domestic Long Distance Voice Services – BV Communications’ VoIP Solutions Outbound Domestic VoIP service enables enterprises of all sizes – from small to large – to take advantage of the savings that Internet telephony services offer, while retaining their current IP-PBX, legacy PBX, or key telephone system. By implementing BV Communications SIP trunking VoIP service and VoIP Solutions, enterprises can protect their legacy telecommunications infrastructure investments and yet enjoy the benefits of IP telephony.

Outbound International Long Distance Voice Services – BV Communications’ Outbound International VoIP service allows enterprises to maintain their current PBX infrastructure while using the extensive BV Communications VoIP network for the initiation of highly economical outbound international calls. BV Communications network delivers superior quality, attractively priced international long distance calling wherever an enterprise needs to communicate.

Direct Inward Dial (DID) – DID numbers are simply local telephone numbers that serve businesses. For example, they could be local Canadian numbers that ring through to offices overseas, like in Paris or Milan, or local overseas numbers that connect directly to offices in Canada. Many enterprises establish a “virtual” presence via a local DID and use the “magic” of Internet telephony to have calls ring (AKA “terminate”) at the BV Communications customer’s location. BV Communications VoIP service DIDs give callers around the world the ability to dial a local telephone number and connect to any BV Communications customer’s telephone system via the BV Communications network. BV Communications has the ability to provide DID numbers from Canada to facilities around the world.

Domestic (USA) Toll-Free Inbound Service – BV Communications’ Toll-Free Domestic calling VoIP service allows callers located anywhere in Canada to dial a standard toll free telephone number (800/877/866) and connect to the telephone system of any BV Communications customer via the BV Communications VoIP network and VoIP solutions.

International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) – ITFS from BV Communications VoIP Service allows callers from anywhere in the world to dial the toll-free number and reach BV Communications customer locations.

Some of the benefits of the BV Communications’ SIP Trunking solution include:


  • Reduce Costs – Lower your costs of your business lines, and ask about a bundled package that will give you unlimited North American calling.
  • Flexibility – Our SIP Trunks can be geographically distributed, so you can pool your lines from multiple locations and share the capacity and benefit from one simple monthly bill.
  • Burstability – As one of the only network providers in Canada to provide “Burstable” Business Lines (BBLs), we allow your business to make additional incoming or outgoing calls, even if all your lines are busy. The idea is simple; we give your business capacity when it needs it because BV Communications understands that every call is important.
  • Customer Support – We own our solution, so the support is quick and efficient.
  • Adding Service – If you need to add additional lines, adding more SIP Trunks is simple, and it takes a few days instead of weeks because lines can be turned up remotely by our technicians.
  • Leverage your Investment – Take advantage of all the features and more with a seamless integration with your existing phone system, PBX, Key system or IP-PBX.


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