As businesses evolve, growth requires that your telecommunication infrastructure support current and future needs. Medium to large businesses with demanding applications and a large call volume need the speed, power, and flexibility of an ISDN Voice PRI (Primary Rate Interface). ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) offers a digital 2-way connection between a customer’s ISDN-compatible PBX or key system and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

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PRI Features

  • Digital Access Trunk with 23 voice channels (B-Channels), and 1 signaling channel (D-Channel)
  • ISDN Signaling Port
  • Two-way connection to the PSTN for each voice channel
  • Access to services (411, 611, 711, 911)
  • Caller name and number identification
  • Up to 5 different call routing options (by number or call type)
  • Up to 5 basic overflow routing options



Optional PRI features to enhance efficiency

  • DID numbers
  • Reserved DID numbers for future use
  • Release Line Trunking
  • Back-up D-channel
  • Additional call routing and overflow routing options



PRI Benefits

  • Routing features can increase the rate the calls end up/terminate at the right place.
  • Split-second call setup times deliver greater productivity and savings, especially to outbound call centers.
  • Features such as Calling Line ID will help you improve the service your customers receive.
  • Fewer voice channels can support more users through enhanced routing functionality.
  • Reduced hardware costs as one digital trunk card can replace as many as 24 analog trunk cards.
  • Allows multiple devices to share a single line.  It is possible to combine many different digital data sources and have the information routed to the proper destination.
  • It concentrates calls, and ISDN PRI can deliver 23 concurrent calls through one cable.
  • Configuration flexibility allows you to choose how to manage incoming and outgoing calls.


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