Premise Based IP-PBX


With a premise based VoIP system, you either install the IP PBX yourself, or have a dealer or VAR (value added reseller) install it for you. The equipment sits in your company’s data center, connects to your LAN, and distributes calls to IP phones also connected to the LAN. You own the equipment and software, and administer and maintain it. Calls can come to the IP PBX from a communication service provider over traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines or over your company’s broadband Internet connection, or both.



  • You will own the system
  • You can customize it to suit needs
  • Doesn’t necessarily have to rely on Internet for quality, reliability
  • Messages, prompts, records remain on your company’s premises


  • Significant costs for hardware and software maintenance contracts
  • Requires staff for monitoring and maintaining
  • Configuring remote users can be tricky
  • Hardware, software upgrades could eventually become necessary if your user numbers and/or call volume grows


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