BV Communications’ Hosted PBX telephone service provides the features and functionality of telephone systems that were previously only affordable to large corporations and required the purchase of expensive equipment.

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BV Communications’ Hosted PBX telephone service is suitable for a traditional office, a virtual office or several offices in several locations and even your home. We believe it’s the most fully featured and best value VoIP service you can find. BV Communications’ PBX telephone service offers simple , cloud-based, voice communications services fully hosted on own network. BV Communications’ Hosted PBX telephone service improves productivity, facilitates integration with remote workers, deduces long distance cost, and it is all managed off site by a certified BV Communications technician.


The biggest benefit of the hosted approach is its low upfront cost. The only equipment you need to buy to get started is IP phones for your employees. You then pay a monthly fee for each extension, which typically includes packages of minutes or unlimited domestic calling as well as cheap international rates. This approach lets you increase the number of users as needed and eliminates some ongoing costs. There are no hardware or software maintenance contracts, for example, and no need for in-house IT staff to monitor equipment and fix problems.  All service, maintenance, and updates are managed and provided by your service provider.


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