Fiber Optic Internet

BV Communications is a Fiber Optic Internet service provider for business in Montreal, Quebec. Fiber is a high speed internet service delivered on a fiber optic cable network. Fiber is ideal for a business who requires more bandwidth than traditional DSL or CABLE can provide. With this in mind, fiber optic internet also has unparalled stability.

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Fiber Optic Internet Montreal


Fiber Internet Plans

The best fiber optic internet options for your business

Fiber Optic Internet 10

10 Mbps (Bandwidth)
Fully Symmetrical
Dedicated Connection
Unlimited Download
Several fixed IP address

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Fiber Optic Internet 100

100 Mbps (Bandwidth)
Fully Symmetrical
Dedicated Connection
Unlimited Download
Several fixed IP address

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Gigabit Fiber Optic Internet Plans

In addition, BV Communications  provides gigabit internet service for business owners who need superfast broadband

Gigabit Fiber Internet 1

1000 Mbps (Bandwidth)
Fully Symmetrical
Dedicated Connection
Unlimited Download
Several fixed IP address

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Gigabit Fiber Internet 10

10,000 Mbps (Bandwidth)
Fully Symmetrical
Dedicated Connection
Unlimited Download
Several fixed IP address

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Why BV Communications for your fiber optic internet service?

  • Scalability: We can help you add services and capabilities economically easily as your business grows.
  • Reliability: We offer 24/7 support on robust and reliable networks.
  • Future-proof: our fiber-optic network partners make a significant investment in expanding and improving fiber networks to ensure optimal performance, taking advantage of any technological innovation that allows for speeds and performance higher.
  • Proven and reliable: Hundreds of large organizations such as international companies, governments, hospitals and universities are already relying on fiber optic services to facilitate their operations.
  • Unmatched customer service: BV Communications is passionate about customer service and therefore you will work with an account manager and a professional and courteous customer service staff.

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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Buyers that are shopping for fiber usually ask themselves these questions:

Is fiber optic internet faster than cable?
How much does fiber internet cost?
What is fiber optic internet?
If fiber internet in my area?
Where is gigabit internet available?
Should I get unlimited fiber?
What are the different kinds of fiber internet?
What’s the best fiber optic internet?

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 Fiber Optic Applications


Telecommunication providers us optical fiber for phone, internet and cable tv. In contrast with traditional copper wiring, fibre optics are much more resistant to external interference. This allows signals to over much longer distances.


What is optical fiber?


An optical fiber or optical fibre is a fiber made of silica or plastic a little thicker than a human hair. ‘Mostly used in fiber-optic ocmmunications, it allows you to transmits information at the speed of light over long distances. Fiber allows for higher band width and less signal degradation.


Types of optical fiber


Single Mode cable is a single strand fiber with one mode of transmission. In other words, it only transmits in one direction. A Single Mode Cable is between 8.3 and 10 microns in diameter and its composition is glass.
Multi-mode cable has a slightly larger diameter than a single mode cable mesuring 50-to-100 microns. POF is a more recent cable made of plastic with equal performance to single mode cable on very short runs.


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