Cable internet is often the best compromise between speed, reliability and price. When it is available, cable internet provides great download speeds and better upload speed compared to DSL. Quite often, a cable internet connection is a great idea when considering redundancy in your network configuration.

Cable Internet is more reliable than DSL. Cable internet is delivered through a coaxial cable (TV cable). The coaxial cable infrastructure is fairly new compared to the old copper network used to deliver traditional telephone lines and DSL internet. Cable internet offers better upload speeds than DSL. Finally, cable internet offers uniform speed. Regular cable internet access will give you 8 Mbps of download speed. This is the actual theoretical speed that you’ll get with cable internet. But with DSL internet, connection speed can vary a lot. DSL internet speed is highly dependent on the quality of the copper network in your neighborhood and your physical proximity to the nearest CO (Central Office). These factors are not an issue with cable internet. BV Communications offers Cable Internet access from 1MB to 120MB


BV now offers the following Cable Internet configurations:

  • 5Mb / 1Mb, unlimited monthly usage
  • 10Mb / 1.5Mb, unlimited monthly usage
  • 15Mb / 10Mb, unlimited monthly usage
  • 20Mb / 10Mb, unlimited monthly usage
  • 30Mb / 10Mb, unlimited monthly usage
  • 60Mb / 10Mb, unlimited monthly usage
  • 120Mb / 20Mb, unlimited monthly usage


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